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Clean Sweep
Pool vacuuming is an essential component of keeping your pool clean. While our service team will come weekly and manually vacuum your pool, you can maintain that cleanliness with the use of an automatic cleaner. Using a robotic cleaner will help to maintain a cleaner pool floor. By picking up debris sooner than your weekly visit, it will help to eliminate the potential of algae and surface staining from things like leaves sitting on your pool surface for extended periods of time. They also help to circulate the water and chemicals as they move around. There are lots of options for automated cleaners that include corded, cordless, remote control, and smart phone accessibility.

You Can’t Clean Germs
Clean pool water should be clear and sparkling! In order to do that, you need to maintain proper water chemistry and sanitation levels. That is why some sort of automated chemical feeder is recommended. A manual floater that deposits chemicals directly into the pool or putting chemicals in your skimmers as a way of feeding chemicals is not recommended. Both present problems including surface staining, collapsing skimmer lines, and premature equipment failure. Residential pools should consider either a chlorinator or salt chlorine generation system as the method for automated sanitation. Both ensure constant and proper sanitation levels which help to prevent algae and germs from flourishing.

Wipe the Slate Clean
You also need to consider what is outside the pool that can get into the pool. You want to make sure that when you have your pool deck and yards cleaned that that debris does not end up in the pool. Prior to pool opening, we recommend you have your deck cleaned or power washed, and your landscaping done. Otherwise, all that dirt and debris always finds its way into your pool. And if you have the pool cleaned up before the yard work is done, all the pool cleaning has gone to waste and it will need to be redone.
Article by Kimberly Sherwood, Assistant VP, Pool Operation Management  732-451-1040